Ice Fishing Across Pennsylvania 


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Hills Creek - Tioga PA                                             Kelly's Swamp Lane - Day use Area                                      January 21, 2018

Prompton  Dam - Prompton PA                                       Boat Launch                                                               February 18, 2018

General Rules

  • All PA rules and Regulations do Apply

  • No Drugs or alcohol

  • No entry on to the ice prior to start time

  • Participants must remain within the boundaries of the event. Participants must enter and exit through the same location.

  • Fishing is to end after weigh in. (except CPR)

  • No dead or discolored fish, Fish must be in water.

  • Fish being entered in to the event must be caught by a registered angler. Spectators are not allowed to submit fish. Suspicious activity will result in immediate disqualification.

  • Each participant is able to choose which category He/She would like to enter a fish. The Lunker pot however is species specific and must be determined at the time of registration.

  • Fish to be “Caught and Released” must be brought to the weigh in and will be recorded by our means and measures.

  • All fish must be alive and in Water

  • No trash is to be left on the ice

  • Treat the lake like you would your home

  • Have adequate safety gear (Ice cleats, Ice picks, Spud, Life vest, Rope). Participating in this event is at your own discretion. Please understand risks associated with Ice fishing.

  • Suspicious activity will result in immediate disqualification

  • ANY violation of this list of rules is subject to disqualification

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