Ice Fishing Across Pennsylvania 





    Ice Fishing Across Pennsylvania is an organization that exists for the sole purpose of promoting and perpetuating the sport of ice fishing. Our many dedicated members are not only avid anglers themselves, but also work in close association with other individuals and organizations within the ice fishing community. 

    Ice Fishing Across Pennsylvania is very active in the social media community, volunteering valuable information to its followers. This organization offers up to date weather conditions, ice conditions, and fishing reports for many major lakes and waterways across this beautiful, bountiful state. We share tips and tactics that have been proven to work in our waters, and we provide a medium in which the general public can participate in these discussions. Ice Fishing Across Pennsylvania proudly endorses some of the best ice fishing gear after field testing equipment, and providing accurate reviews that people can trust.  

    We believe that in order to serve as true representatives of our sport and sponsors, we must do more than just talk about fishing. We set up fishing events that the public can attend. Clinics, derbies, and tournaments are among the things that we have either done or plan to do in the future. The staff members of Ice Fishing Across Pennsylvania willingly volunteer their time and often invest their own money to provide the public with information and fishing opportunities. 
We are dedicated to our sport and our ideals. We feel that getting more people, especially children, involved in our sport is extremely important. In order to do this effectively, we need to be able to get fishing gear into the hands of our youth. The generosity of our sponsors allow for us to provide people with some gear. The greater the sponsorship, the more people we can reach.. 


Where fishing comes first.